T-Ball League

T-Ball League (4-5 Year Olds)

T-Ball (4-5 Year Olds)

Wes Harrison
League Director Wes Harrison
Email - WesHarrison@fairfieldfyba.com
Phone - (513) 919-1993

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2021 T-Ball Managers
NO. Team Name Manager Phone Number E-Mail
1 Fairfield Jeffries Dave Jeffries 513-543-1756 davejeffries618@gmail.com
2 Fairfield Vanwinsen Kayla Vanwinsen 513-301-3353 kaylavanwinsen@icloud.com
3 Fairfield Miracle Branden Miracle 513-907-5172 miraclbm513@gmail.com
4 Fairfield Rabong Michael Rabong 513-293-4238 michael.rabong2@gmail.com
5 Fairfield Holland Chris Holland 513-678-3918 hollandboom@gmail.com
6 Fairfield Singleton James Singleton 513-535-3817 jsing25@yahoo.com
7 Fairfield Lawson Abe Lawson +1 513-858-9402 abe.lawson@kroger.com
8 Fairfield Yeager Josh Yeager 513-314-1620 jayauger@gmail.com
9 Fairfield Criswell Eric Criswell 513-227-0035 e.criswell23@gmail.com
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2021 T-Ball Schedule

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