Rookie League

Rookie League (8 Year Olds)

Rookie League Kids Pitch (8 Year Olds)

Kevin Fletcher
League Director Kevin Fletcher
Email - KevinFletcher@fairfieldfyba.com

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Updated (4-16-2023)

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2023 Rookie League Managers
NO. Team Name Manager Phone Number E-Mail
1 Fairfield Thompson Juan Thompson 914-648-1953 Thankstwogod@yahoo.com
2 Fairfield Everson Alan Everson 513-404-6870 aeverson337@gmail.com
3 Fairfield Willier Tony Willier 513-889-8438 acwillier@gmail.com
3 Fairfield Kidd Jamie KIdd 513-280-0875 jamiekidd2014@gmail.com

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