Cal Ripken League

Cal Ripken Major League (11-12 Year Olds)

Cal Ripken League (11-12 Year Olds)

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Updated 6-17-2021

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2021 Cal Ripken (Major) Managers
NO. Team Manager Phone E-Mail
1 Angels James Klosterman 513-907-1547 jimklosterman@hotmail.com
2 Cardinals Kieth Schaefer 513-207-9513 ftybl@outlook.com
3 Padres Mark Hayada 937-474-0519 mark.hadaya@gmail.com
4 Orioles Matt Null 513-365-1629 matthewnull23@gmail.com
5 Rockies Rockland York 513-370-9536 rocklynyork@aol.com
6 Indians Randy Mefford 513-785-9117 randy@themeffords.com
Cal Ripken (Major) League Schedule 2021
Download 2021Schedule in PDF formatPDF

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