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Kent Tekulve - Pitcher
Pittsburgh Pirates #27
Kent Tekulve
Click Here Kent Tekulve MLB stats

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Babe Ruth All Star Team
Former Pittsburgh Pirates,
Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies Manager

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Jim Tracy Universal Builders
Little League 1966
Jeff Hartsock 1979 Fairfield National LL All Star
MLB Chicago Cubs
Baseball Reference
Mark Smith 1974
Detroit Tigers
Baseball Reference
Mark Smith Detroit Tigers
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Little League Team Landmark
Team - Landmark won 101 games in a row.
4 Little League City Championships in a row!
Produced several major and minor league players.
Manager Ralph Smith Coached Fairfield High School and was a Major League Scout
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Kim Nuxhall Ohio Gravel Little League 1964 Baseball Reference Baseball Reference
Ralph Smith Manager - He was a manager for Landmark Little League from 1972-1977, Midland Baseball from 1978-2002, Middletown High School Baseball, and Fairfield High School Freshman Basketball and Varsity Baseball. Ralph was a part-time scout for Major League Scouting Bureau and was inducted into the Hamilton High School Hall of Fame, Butler County Hall of Fame, and Ohio Softball Hall of Fame. Ralph Smith
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Rhett Whisman 1974 (Landmark) - Minor League Baseball Baseball Reference
Tom Poppelwell (Dollar Federal Yankees) 1980 - Minor League Baseball N.Y. Yankees Baseball Reference
Johnny Curtis 1979 LL All Star - Minor League Baseball
Steve Phillips 1980 LL All Star - Minor League Baseball
Baseball Reference
Baseball Reference Bullpen
Director of Sioux Fall Cyclones
From Fairfield to Sioux Falls: Steve Phillips enjoys a baseball life
Steve Phillips
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Steve Phillips
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Darin Rieman 1980 LL All Star - Scholarship - University of Kentucky Darin Rieman
Chris Lutz 1980 LL All Star( LL Progressive Plumbing Mariners)- Scholarship, Minor League Baseball Baseball Reference Chris Lutz
Vaunda Bates 1980
(Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping Athletics)
Hamilton High School Fastpitch Softball Ohio State Champions 1985
Scholarship to - The Ohio State University
Butler County Softball Hall of Fame, Hamilton High School Hall of Fame
Vaunda Bates OSU
Click Here for
OSU Team Picture
Scotty Hormann 1980
Scholarship Eastern Michigan University
Head Baseball Coach at Heritage High School Denver, Colorado
Owner/Head Coach at Colorado Khaos Littleton, Colorado
Scott Horman Scotty Horman Scotty Horman

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