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Each player will be able to register, update all player/family information online. We will also accept Visa, Mastercard securely online. We are requesting if possible you use the online registration even if you do not pay by credit card.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE Beginning January 1, 2024
Late Fees Start
FEBRUARY 11, 2024

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE Beginning January 1, 2024
Late Fees Start
FEBRUARY 11, 2024

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Good evening FYBA coaches!

Well, our season is finally here. I just wanted to send out a quick few notes before we kick off things this weekend. Once again, Thank you for coaching. We and all the kids appreciate your time given this season.

FIELD STATUS UPDATES: Always on Facebook. Don't call. Don't text. We update it there first, then we tell the VPS, who will get word out, but if you want to be the first to know...check our Facebook page. If nothing has been posted, things are a go at that point.

One thing I want to stress again is... make sure it is FUN. That is the reason we are here...not scholarships and hardware. Be supportive, encouraging, and teach! Make them want to come back game after game regardless of win/loss result.

Park rules. Please help us enforce them with your team. Usually it is dogs and smokers. Smokers need to go to the parking lot, dogs need to be left at home. People will be asked to take them from the park at this point. Once in a while we have alcohol issues. Just report it to a board member and we can handle it. Thanks!

Umpires... Just a reminder... coach ejection = 2 game suspension and your kid leaves with you for that game. Be understanding of the umps. Rookie coaches... you have umpires again this year and they will be new. Take it easy on them and give them constructive support AFTER the game if they need it (such as 'be louder' or gesture more, etc...) We have had several teens become very good umpires over the course of the last few years and they also make really good summer $, so help them out.

Lastly, you are going to see this many times this season. WE (the FYBA board) need help. We are down a couple of positions this year and will have some people cycling out in the next few years. The average tenure on the board currently is probably in the 12 year range... We need new people, new energy, and new ideas. Once we fill open roles we have ideas for good things we can do at the park, but just don't have the manpower. If interested in learning more, talk to any board member.

I'll cut it off here. It looks like good weather so far for the weekend. Let's have a great Saturday!

***Notice*** Saturday the Nuxhall Miracle parade will have Mississippi blocked from 10 till 10:45ish Saturday. Plan accordingly.

John Ervin - FYBA President

Fairfield Youth Baseball Association
Fairfield, OHIO 45014

68th Anniversary 1956-2024

Emphasis is placed on learning the fundamentals of baseball and helping players and teams realize their potential through the values of hard work, commitment, teamwork and sportsmanship, in hopes that these qualities will carry over to all facets of life.

Through our league we've produced several major league players and many college players.

FYBA arguably has the best facilities in Southern Ohio.

We are appreciative of all the hours volunteers have spent making FYBA the best in the area and look forward to even better things to come.

Thanks to the City of Fairfield for the support for 68 years.
FYBA Board of Directors

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